Want to Protect Your Identity?
Here’s Your Answer…

The threat of identity and device fraud are real, but we’ve got you and your loved ones covered with a seal of protection for your identity, devices, and life in real time.

Secure your digital identity with cost-effective, advanced technology in an easy-to-understand tool that acts as a seal of security with comprehensive services to provide peace of mind when it matters most.

You won't have to worry about losing your identity when you sign up for our advanced identity theft protection. Explore affordable options for yourself and the whole family. Plus, save money and get 2 months free when you purchase any annual subscription plan!

Why Should I Consider this Identify Theft Protection Program Over Everything Else on the Market?

Our program developed comprehensive protection - a 24/7 security perimeter around your credit, finances and life. Plus it’s the most affordable ID theft protection program on the market.

Your protection and peace of mind take priority! Improve personal AND device security, with identity theft and device protection, so that you can live without stress and worry.

Take action NOW to protect your identity from online scammers for less than 70 cents a day. YES… less than 70 cents a day!

Simplified Security All in One Place
What’s Included in this ID Theft Protection Program?

  • ID Monitoring
    Financial Transaction Monitoring
    Medical Identity (Healthcare) Monitoring
    Digital Spy Dark Web Monitoring
    Sex Offender Monitoring
    Social Media Monitoring
    Financial Account Takeover Monitoring
    Credit Card Application/Opening Monitoring
    Smart SSN Tracker
    Change of Address Monitoring
    Court and Criminal Record Monitoring
    Alternative Loan Monitoring
    3 Bureau Credit Monitoring
    Monthly 1 Bureau VantageScore
    Bi-Annual 3 Bureau Vantage Score
    Bi-Annual 3 Bureau Credit Report
    Credit Score Tracker
    Real-Time Credit Monitoring
    Real-Time Authorization Monitoring
    Mobile App
  • Child ID Monitoring (Family Plan)
    Child Social Security Number Tracker
    Child Digital Spy Dark Web Monitoring
    Child Social Media Monitoring
    Child Restoration
    Child Identity Theft Insurance
  • Device Protection & Personal Privacy
    Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    Dark Web Scanner
    Login Encryption & Password Vault
    Personal Profile Protection
    Ad Blocker
    Safe Browsing/Real-time Protection & Alerts
    Tracking Blocker
    Digital Fingerprint Scrambler
    Browsing Tracks Scanner & Cleaner
    Sensitive Document Detection
    Encrypted Document Vault
    Webcam & Microphone Blocker
    Privacy Advisor
  • Restore:
    $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
    Fully Managed Identity Restoration
    Lost Wallet Protection
    24/7 Recovery Service & U.S. Based Res
  • Privacy Features
    Do Not Call Registry
    Credit Freeze
    Fraud Alert 3 Bureau
    Opt-Out Credit Card Offers

Protection for Kids Too!

Did you know that over one million children were the victim of identity theft in 2020, according to the Federal Trade Commission?

Federal Trade Commission. Children are easy targets for identity thieves because they never check their credit. Our programs check for fraudulent names, aliases and addresses associated with your minor child's protected social security number.

You can even add their social media accounts to monitor for further protection against bullying and inappropriate content.




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After all, your protection (and that of your family) is a serious matter that we don't take lightly. We are here for you.